Tuesday, December 13, 2011

John Wayne on God and Country

I found this video on You Tube and thought I would share it. It really sums up (I think) what John Wayne felt about these subjects, and I have to wonder why more people do not feel this way today. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The New Frontier Trading Post is Now Open!

The New Frontier web site continues to improve, with more and more being added. The latest addition is the New Frontier online store, known as The New Frontier Trading Post. Not only can you access each of the stores items individually through the website’s store page, but can also visit the store itself and browse away to your heart’s content!

Initially, it was planned to have the store strictly on the New Frontier website, with a shopping cart, and assorted check out features. Unfortunately, the tools were simply not available to provide the kind of service we would have liked to see. Therefore, the decision was made to open the New Frontier Trading Post on the Bonanza online sales site, and give the Trading Post its own storefront, complete with online chat (when we’re available), shopping cart, assorted payment options (currently PayPal and Money Order), the ability to message us, and the ability to not only add more items as they become available, but also to run special sales and offer limited time discounts from time to time.

Featured Sale Items

John Wayne Radio Theater Deluxe Ten-Disc set
Normally $100.00, now through December 17th only $75.00 with Free Shipping!

John Wayne's Last Appearance on Film!
"Patriotism - Have It Your Way" DVD 
Normally $19.95, now through December 17th, only $15.95 with Free Shipping!

All in all, the main purpose of the store is to provide an opportunity to purchase some unique and rare pieces of John Wayne memorabilia, but we also want to provide excellent customer service, and a pleasant shopping experience. This is why we chose to utilize the Bonanza storefront. So come on by and have a look around, we love to see you there. And if we are not in the store when you stop by and you have a question about any of the items, please feel free to send us a message via Bonanza messaging, or here at the blog, or shoot us an email at: dukefanclub@gmail.com

And thanks for stopping by!

John Wayne’s Forgotten Radio Show

Most John Wayne fans are aware of such John Wayne radio programs as She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, Stagecoach and Pittsburgh (as well as a few more), but not too many are aware that he actually starred in a weekly radio series titled Three Sheets To The Wind, which aired on NBC from February 15, 1942 through July 5, 1942. 

"Three Sheets to the Wind" advertisement, May 1942 issue of Radio and Television Mirror (click to enlarge image)

The thirty-minute weekly show, which ran for 26 episodes, starred John Wayne as private detective Dan O’Brian, and Helga Moray as British Intelligence agent, Joan Lockwood. Both Sharon Douglas and Lee Bonnell also appeared in supporting roles. The show was created by film director Tay Garnett, who had directed Wayne in the 1940 film Seven Sinners (also starring Marlene Dietrich), who had conceived the story in 1933 while filming SOS Iceberg in Greenland. Garnett worked on the story over the next few years, and by 1941 he had developed a film script.

Since Wayne had worked with Garnett during this time (filming Seven Sinners), it is likely that Garnett had spoken to him about the project, and may had even established a tentative agreement with Wayne to appear in the film Three Sheets to the Wind. In 1941, Wayne and Garnett entered into a written agreement, wherein Wayne would star in both the film, and a radio series of the same name. Wayne agreed to appear in the radio series (which would be used as a promotional device to increase interest in the film) for free, in exchange for ten percent of the film’s profits, plus his standard fee for free-lance film work. (a stipulation was made in the agreement that this would hold if the radio show was sustaining, and if sold commercially, then Wayne’s cut would be five percent plus his standard radio salary.)

"Letter of Understanding" between John Wayne and Tay Garnett (click to enlarge image)
The film version of Three Sheets to the Wind was never made, but the radio show was. The story line concerned the luxury steam liner Empress as it sailed on a 180-day cruise from its home port of Southhampton, England. Unfortunately, almost the entire radio series has been lost, with only the first half of the first episode still extant. That brief 15 minutes, however, reveals the mystery and drama that likely permeated the entire the 26 week run.

The first episode, titled The Sultan’s Curse, opens with seven people mysteriously murdered while the Empress is in port. Each of the murders seems to be somehow linked to a fabled (and possibly cursed) black diamond owned by the Sultan mentioned in the title. British Intelligence Agent Joan Lockwood is assigned to the case, but soon finds that American detective Dan O’Brien (posing as a drunken tourist) is also investigating the mystery as well.

This brief, but exciting rarity is contained in the Deluxe Ten-Disc Set, found in the New Frontier Online Store. Just click on the store icon in the sidebar for more information!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

On An Interesting Note

In 1977, John Wayne was asked by The People’s Almanac, to write down his choices for the five best films of all time, and the five best actors and/or actresses of all time. His choices may surprise you. Or maybe not. 

Images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

Beloved Character Harry Morgan Dies at 96

Born April 10, 1915 in Detroit, Michigan, Morgan began his Hollywood career the 1942 film, To The Shores of Tripoli. He was probably best known as Officer Bill Gannon in the long running television show Dragnet with Jack Webb, and as Col. Sherman Potter in the television show M.A.S.H. Although Morgan appeared in scores of television shows, TV movies, documentaries and shorts, his career also included over 90 theatrical films, including many classics such as High Noon, The Ox Box Incident, and Teahouse of the August Moon. John Wayne fans will remember Morgan as Marshall Thibido in The Shootist (1976), General U.S. Grant in How The West Was Won (1962) and the voice of the narrator in Big Jim McLain (1952). Harry Morgan passed away December 7, 2011. He will be missed by many.

Harry Morgan as Marshal Thibido with Richard Lenz in a scene from The Shootist
John Wayne as Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman and Harry Morgan as Gen. U.S. Grant in How The West Was Won

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Yet More John Wayne Rare Collectibles Up For Auction

Although Heritage Auctions has completed their auction of the Personal Property of John Wayne, there are still some more JW treasures to be had through Heritage. A search of their website produced several great items currently up for auction, including the fringe leather jacket John Wayne wore in The Alamo! Although it is expected to bring in excess of $20,000, the current bid is $12,000. Still a bit too rich for my blood, but perhaps there are some fans out there who can handle it! Good luck to those who can!

Also up for bid are a lot of nine original lobby cards (current bid is only $6!), a Mexican soldier uniform and flag from The Alamo (buy it now price of only $750!), a suit John Wayne wore in the 1942 film Pittsburgh, several coffee mugs (you know the ones John Wayne gave out on his film sets), and my favorite, the leather vest he wore in Rio Bravo (current bid is $4,250 – why can’t I win the lottery!)

Just check out some of these great items!

There are more rare John Wayne items up for auction at Heritage Auctions, and you see them by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Upcoming Premiere Props Auction Features John Wayne Costume

If you missed the recent Heritage Auction’s “John Wayne’s Personal Property” auction, here comes another chance to own something connected to John Wayne.

On December 10th & 11th, Premiere Props will be auctioning off more than 1200 pieces of iconic Hollywood memorabilia. Included in the auction catalog is a suit coat worn on screen by John Wayne in his 1942 film, Pittsburgh (which also starred Marlene Dietrich and Randolph Scott). Live internet bidding is scheduled to be provided by LiveAuctioneers.com on both days of the auction, which is to begin at 11a.m. Pacific time.

John Wayne's Suit Coat from the film Pittsburgh (1942)
For more information, please visit www.premiereprops.com or call 310-322-PROP or 888-761-PROP.

Read more by clicking here

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wings of Eagles Train may be Headed for the Scrapheap

An old steam engine, once featured in the John Wayne film, The Wings of Eagles, has long been an iconic part of the city of Orlando, Florida. But now, it may become part of a scrapheap as well. 

Affectionately known as the “Orange Blossom Special”, the 100 year old locomotive currently sits on a section of track next to the old Orlando railroad depot on Church street, where it has been since 1976. The property’s current owner, however, Tremont Realty Capitol, have decided that they do not want the locomotive there any longer, and would like someone to take it away.

Estimates for moving the train range from $350,000 to significantly less, but so far, there have been no takers. The Florida Railroad Museum of Tampa would like the train, but cannot afford to have it moved. They are hoping the city will shoulder the expense. Although it is possible they will, no decision has been made as of yet. If there are no takers, then the historic engine will likely be sold for scrap.

So, if there are any wealthy John Wayne fans out there, who would like a unique one-of-a-kind piece of John Wayne memorabilia, now’s your chance!

You can read the original articlehere.